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Date of The First Pokerism

posted Mar 5, 2012, 9:56 AM by David Brown
While working on the installments of the Sketch of the Life of Robert Ball Hughes by Mrs. E. Ball Hughes, I have come to the conclusion that I reported the wrong date for The First Pokerism. The paper label on the back of the frame shows “1840” but the date burnt into the back of the shingle looks like it could be “1849” instead of 1840.

I've been basing many of the events on the website to the 1840 date on the paper label. It may have been added by someone in the family at a later date. They might have misread the date burnt into the wood. Based on the 1840 date, I was putting Ball Hughes in Boston and in his Bromfield Hall studio in 1840. The more research I did, the more confusing that date was.

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