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The Hughes Family

    Hughes and Allied Families, by D. D. Hughes and W. H. Hughes, 1879: Grand Rapids, MI, gives the origin of the Hughes family name and contains a reference to Robert Ball Hughes. The Preface describes the scope of the genealogical research and is interesting to keep in mind when researching a family history.
From Chapter III, Hughes Family, on p. 18:
 "Hugh signifies affability, a guest, a stranger in the Gaelic. ..."
 "The Hughes family name is one of great antiquity, which derives its descent from several Princes of Wales ..."
p. 19:
"The family has furnished many noted persons. In Wales, where it originated, it comprises a considerable part of the population, and has also come to be largely represented in England, Ireland and America. ... Robert Ball Hughes, a noted sculptor, born in 1806 ..."
    There is no mention of the lineage of Robert Ball Hughes in the book quoted above. We know that Robert Balls Hughes was born on January 19, 1804 to John Hallett Hughes and Amelia Susanna Hughes in London according to his Baptismal Record on the Biography page.
    According to the Brown family genealogy prepared by Ball Hughes grandson, George Edward Brown, Ball Hughes fathers name was John Hallett Hughes (1773-1824/1827).  He was a carriage maker of Long Acre (street), Middlesex according to the Sketch of the Life of Robert Ball Hughes by Mrs. E. Ball HughesHis mother's maiden name is believed to be Amelia Susannah Rogers, who was a cooper in London according to a court record from 1796. 
    According to the Sketch of the Life of Robert Ball Hughes, by Mrs. E. Ball Hughes, Robert Ball Hughes was the second son of John Hallett Hughes. I believe his older brother's name was William Rogers Hughes (See Susannah Amelia Hughes).
    Robert may have had a younger brother named J? Henry Hughes (1810-1872) according to Modern English Biography, Vol. 1 (A-H) by Frederic Boase, 1892, p. 1575. This book has no reference to his older brother.
    A Brown family document, Hughes of Wales, Great Britain, contains several of the same phrases that are in the book, Hughes and Allied Families, mentioned above. Someone in the Brown family may have written this summary based on the 1879 book or the summary and the book were both based on another source text.
    The document includes the following reference to Robert Ball Hughes: "In Wales the Hughes family comprises a considerable part of the population. Robert Ball Hughes the Eminent English Sculptor, R.A. [sic] was also descended from the prominent branch including men of note, in science[?] the professions and Church as well as army and navy and Commercial pursuits[?]."
    Note that the phrase "the Eminent English Sculptor, R.A." is not in the book Hughes and Allied Families after Robert Ball Hughes name. Several Brown family documents refer to Ball Hughes this way. Note that Robert Ball Hughes was not a Royal Academician (denoted by the initials R.A.) according to the Royal Academy. See Sketch of the Life of Robert Ball Hughes for more information about this.
See the Hughes Crest.
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