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Shepherd Boy, Dog, & Lamb

According to the Sketch of the Life of Robert Ball Hughes by Mrs. E. Ball Hughes, p. 2: 

In 1828 Mr. Hughes made a beautiful Group of Shepherd boy dog and Lamb.  This was exhibited at the Royal Academy. and came to America in  1829 and was purchased by Mr. Charles Wilkes of New York.  Then President of the N Y. Bank.

and on p. 13:

About this time Mr. Hughes made a very fine statuette of Governor Clinton and although he had orders for several busts . after sending to England for his group of the Shepherd boy which had been exhibited in the Royal Academy on its arrival in New York it was so deservedly admired, that after it was sold to Mr. Charles Wilkes.

Charles Wilkes (1764-1832) was born in London, a nephew of the famous John Wilkes, lord mayor of London. Charles Wilkes was the President of the Bank of New York from 1825 until his retirement in 1832. He was also an officer of the American Academy of Arts, along with John Trumbull.

    Around 1830, Wilkes was 
on the Committee for the statue of Alexander Hamilton destined for the New York Merchant Exchange. He was apparently an admirer of Alexander Hamilton, along with the other men on the Committee.
    The New York Evening Post on Monday March 22nd, 1830, under the heading: "American Academy of Fine Arts" announced an exhibition at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York that included this work by Ball Hughes:  
"The exhibition of the choice collection of Italian, Flemish, Spanish, Dutch, French, and English Pictures, brought to this country by Mr. Richard Abraham, of London, is now open. Among which will be found ... a splendid group of a shepherd boy, dog, and lamb, by Ball Hughes, Esq. The whole forming an assemblage worthy of public attention. The collection will, it is presumed, afford a high treat to the lovers of the fine arts.
    Open from 9, A. M. till dusk. Admittance, 50 cents, Children half price. Descriptive Catalogue, 12 1/2 cts."
    From the Smithsonian Institute SIRIS website entry: Pastoral Group of a Shepherd Boy, A Dog, and Lamb exhibited at American Academy of the Fine Arts, New York, New York, March 1830: 
"Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 62
This splendid group was executed by the artist when in England, and was exhibited at the Royal Academy in London, and purchased by a great patron of the Arts of the city of Boston, immediately on its arrival in this country. Among other critiques, the following appeared in the New York Courier and Enquirer: . . . "Look at that brow! that radiant face!/ Those lips--those eyes--that air of grace-- . . . How can I gaze and not admire!/ Yet Oh, how catch the sculptor's fire!/ I look with wonder on the boy,/ Feel something of his placid joy--/ Sink gently on my bended knee,/ Hoping that he may smile on me--/ Then, pleased, his youthful charms survey,/ And yield again to fancy's sway. New York, January,"

American Academy of the Fine Arts 

"The British-born Hughes arrived in New York in 1829 and his credentials and technical proficiency immediately raised the standards for sculptors in New York. Among those he impressed was John Trumbull, President of the American Academy, who made him a sort of artist-in-residence, encouraging prominent New Yorkers to order portraits in lifesize plasters and marbles." 

    In 1833, Ball Hughes was elected a member of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of the Fine Arts, of which Trumbull was President at the time. See Col. John Trumbull for more information about Ball Hughes relationship with John Trumbull.
I need an image of the group and would like to know its current location.
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