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Pokerisms Index

Index of known works with web links

Note that the E-Museum of Pyrographic Art now resides at http://pyromuse.org/. E-Museum Hall of Antique Art links below will need to be revised. The following list is in chronological order, when the date is known.

    1. One of the Witches of Macbeth, 1849, aka The First Pokerism, (Brown family) Note 1
    2. The Witches of MacBeth, 1840? (private collection)
    3. Untitled Portrait, 1850, (Brown family)
    4. Daniel Webster, 1853, (Brown family)
    5. Senor Don Sancho Panza Governor of Barataria, 1853, (E-Museum of Pyrographic Art)
    6. Babylonian Lions, 1856, (private collection) (Houghton Library of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA?)
    7. Benjamin Franklin, 1856 (private collection)
    8. Charles Sumner, 1856
    9. Portrait of a Man, 1856, (private collection)
    10. The Hon. Daniel Webster, 1856 (private collection)
    11. The Hon. Daniel Webster, 1857 (private collection)
    12. The Hon. Daniel Webster, 1857
    13. The Hon. Daniel Webster, 1857, (Brown family)
    14. The Hon. Daniel Webster, 1858
    15. Babylonian Lions, 1858, (private collection)
    16. Falstaff Examining his Recruits (1859), (Brown family) Note 2
    17. The Sleeping Knitting Girl, 1859
    18. The Monk, 1859 (private collection)
    19. The Monk, 1860 (private collection)
    20. Lieut. General Winfield Scott, 1861 (private collection)
    21. Senor Don Sancho Panza Governor of Barataria, 1862, (Bostonian Society collection) Note 3
    22. The Grapeseller, ca 1862 (Brown family)
    23. Senor Don Sancho Panza Governor of Barataria, ca 1862 (Brown family)
    24. The Three Witches of MacBeth, 1862, (private collection)
    25. Major General George B. McClellan, 1862, (private collection)
    26. Suspense, 1863, (private collection)
    27. The Blind Begger of Gretna Green, 1863, (private collection)
    28. Don Quixote in His Study, 1863,  (private collection) Note 2
    29. The Trumpeter, 1864, (private collection) Note 2
    30. The Trumpeter, 1864?, (Brown family?) Note 2 & 3
    31. General Grant Proclaiming the Surrender of Richmond, 1865, (private collection)
    32. The Last Lucifer Match, 1865, (private collection)
    33. The Monk, 1865, (Brown family) Note 2
    34. Portrait of a Small Dog, 1865 (private collection) (see also The Scotch Terrier below)
    35. The Monk, 1866, (private collection)
    36. The Old Blind Soldier and his Granddaughter, 1866, (private collection)
    37. Rubens in His Study, 1867, (private collection) Notes 2 & 3 
    38. The Burgomaster and Daughter, 1867 (private collection)
    39. Head of Shakespeare, (location unknown) Notes 2, 3,  & 5
    40. Shakespeare, Note 2 
    41. John Fremont,  (private collection), Note 3
    42. General Freemont, Note 3
    43. Scene from Sir Walter Scott's Kenilworth, Note 3 
    44. Irish Courtship, (location unknown), Note 3
    45. Fisher Boy, (location unknown, reference unknown, see The Neapolitan Fisher Boy)
    46. Choosing the Wedding Gown, Note 3
    47. George Washington (originally in Bostonian Society collection, location unknown) Note 3
    48. Dr. Sharpe (originally in Bostonian Society collection, location unknown) Notes 2 & 3
    49. Daniel Webster (Andover, MA Historical Society collection) Note 3 
    50. The Hon. Daniel Webster, undated, (Brown family)
    51. Daniel Webster (private collection) Note 3 & 4
    52. Daniel Webster (private collection) Note 3 & 4
    53. Old Woman Who Walked 100 Miles to a Fair (private collection) Note 3
    54. Titian, (The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, deaccessioned abuot 1906, location unknown) Note 3 
    55. Rembrandt, (location unknown) Note 2
    56. The Scotch Terrier, (location unknown), see also Portrait of a Small Dog, above, Notes 2 & 3
    57. Schiller, (location unknown) Note 3
    58. (the next to be discovered!)

Note 1: Cited in American Sculpture – A Catologue of the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Albert TenEyck Gardner, Metropolitan Museum of Art:1965, p. 7.

and in Antique Hall of the E-Museum of Pyrographic Art Salon of J. William Fosdick with 1891 article "Burnt Wood In Decoration"

Note 2: Cited in Good Old Dorchester by William Dana Orcutt. Cambridge: John Wilson & Son, UP, 1893, pp. 385-386.

Note 3: Cited in The Poker Drawings of Ball-Hughes available on this site and at http://pyromuse.org/ball_hughes13.html

Note 4: Daniel Webster left a bust to his daughter in his Will.

Note 5: A matching pair of the Head of Shakespeare and Daniel Webster have been reported to be in a private collection in August 2008, no images available yet.


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