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Please help write this history

I need the following information:

  • Information about Eliza Ball Hughes (Mary Eliza Wright) parents, Phoebe Hannah (Lovell) Wright (1785-1872) and David Wright.
  • When and why Ball Hughes changed his middle name from "Balls" to "Ball".
  • Obituaries for Ball Hughes, including one in the New York Tribune in March 1868, and other family members .
  • Age of the Hughes crest and explanation of the symbolism of  the elements of the design.
  • Information about the statuette of DeWitt Clinton that Ball Hughes carved in New York as a model for the larger than life statue for Clinton Hall.
  • Information about Alexander Hamilton statuettes.
  • Information about the statue of Oliver Twist.
  • The construction date of his home, Sunnyside, at 3 School St., Dorchester, MA.
  • The date that the left-hand side (annex) of Sunnyside was apparently demolished and the right hand side was moved 60 foot west.
  • Where is the Trumbull portrait of Mrs. Eliza Ball Hughes?  It was sold by Christies in New York in 1996.  What is the provenance from the Ball Hughes family to today?  How did it get out of the Ball Hughes family.
  • Photos and pictures of Mr. & Mrs. Ball Hughes and daughters Augusta and Georgina.
  • Georgina's full birth date in Sept. 1829 in New York & Birth records for her and her sister, Augusta (Feb. 16, 1832), also in New York.
  • Images of artwork by Ball Hughes and his family including Poker Works.
  • Pictures of the Nathaniel Bowditch original plaster sculpture, Little Nell, Uncle Toby and Widow Wadman, bust of John Hallett Hughes, and bust of Washington Irving, all in the Boston Athenaeum.
  • Address of first home in Dorchester on Adams St. and an address on Pearl St. (perhaps a studio?)
  • Information about BH's rustic studio in New Hampshire behind the Willey House & Hotel in Crawford Notch, near North Conway.
  • Information about BH's 1840's studio in Bromfield Hall, Boston.
  • Census records for the Ball Hughes from New York City for 1829-1830's, Philadelphia from the 1830's to 1840's, and Boston, from the 1840's to 1900's.
  • Information about whether Robert and Eliza became American citizens.
  • Reference books and articles about BH not mentioned on this website.
  • Information about a Rebecca Smith and her relationship with BH in 1849.
  • Current location of the letters from the Ball Hugheses to Col. Trumbull quoted in A Ball Hughes Correspondence.
  • Current location of the Magdalen. I also need the New York Courier and Enquirer articles about the Magdalen from around July-August 1860?


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