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New Hampshire Studio

Robert & Eliza Ball Hughes
in front of Ball Hughes Studio
Behind the Willey House in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire
Early to Mid 1860's?
Courtesy of Frederick R. Brown III

Ball Hughes Studio
Behind the Willey House in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire
Mid to Late 1860's?
Courtesy of Frederick R. Brown III


    This is the first reference that has been found to Ball Hughes (1804-1868) having a studio in New Hampshire.  Crawford Notch is northwest of the Village of North Conway, NH in the White Mountains. Eliza Ball Hughes describes their 1866 summer at the Willey House in the seventh installment of the Sketch of the Life of Robert Ball Hughes: North Conway: 1860's.

The following is an excerpt of Eliza's account:

... In 1866 he went with his family to North Conway – had a small studio put up in the Pine grove near Mr. Willey’s – In it he model’d read and enjoy’d the beautiful scenery around him...

    The trees in front of the studio are taller in the second picture and Ball Hughes looks older and is sitting down with his wife, Eliza, by his side.  He may have been getting frail in the last few years of his life.  Robert Ball Hughes died in 1868, at age 64.

    The couple standing next to Eliza in the second photo may be the Ball Hughes younger daughter, Augusta Ball (Hughes) Brown (1832-1914) and her husband Benjamin Franklin Brown (1828-1908).  They had two sons,  Frederick Walter Brown (1855-1935) and George Edward Brown (1857-1933).

    The first picture shows a ventilation door (for pyrography smoke exhaust?) open next to the window.  The second picture shows the top of the window open for ventilation and no ventilation door.  The studio may have faced south for natural lighting if there were windows on the back.

See Willey House and White Mountain Art on this site for more information.

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