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Hughes Crest

Hughes Crest
Owned by David Brown

 Inscription on back reads:
Henry A. Brown
Great-Grandson of
Robert Ball-Hughes

    My parents, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown, gave me this crest.  It's about 2.75" x 3.25" with a brass frame, I believe.  It was given to my grandfather, Henry (Harry) Abbot Brown (1884-1935) of Boston, probably by his father, Frederick Walter Brown (1855-1935).  It's not known who prepared the crest or when it was made.
    The handwriting on the back matches the handwriting on a label on the back of the The English Gypsies and the back of the Brown Family Coat of Arms, both owned by David Brown.  It may be that of Frederick Walter Brown.
    Why does the inscription say "Hughes Crest" instead of "Ball Hughes Crest?"  Could Ball Hughes have drawn the crest?  Was it copied from an older and larger Hughes family crest from before Ball Hughes time?  Would Hughes father, a carriage maker, have had a crest?  Perhaps the style of frame would reveal the age of the crest.
I would appreciate learning what the symbolism of the elements of the design are if someone can help.
last update 1/31/2010
For noncommercial use, Copyright David E. Brown 2008-2010

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