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The Wounded Greek

The Wounded Greek
A. B. Brown
Dorchester 1852
Courtesy of Frederick R. Brown III
    Pen and ink drawing by Augusta Ball (Hughes) Brown in the year she was married. This is the only known drawing by Augusta to be handed down through the Brown family. This drawing is a copy of an 1849 print by the same name. The original painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, in 1849 (No. 101). The 1849 print, after the painting by R. A. Cooper (1787-1868), appeared in the Illustrated London News, 26 May 1849, p. 348. 1849. 
Description (of the 1849 print from the British Museum)
Two women tending to an injured man, one kneeling at right supporting his head and the other standing at left, holding the reins of the horse behind, the corner of a columned building at right, landscape beyond at left; after Abraham Cooper, illustration cut from the 'Illustrated London News', 26 May 1849, p. 348. 1849 Wood-engraving
A review of the painting at the Royal Academy appeard in The Art-Journal, London, Vol. 1, No. 11, January 1, 1849, p. 167:

No. 101. 'The Wounded Greek,' A. Cooper, RA. The distance in this picture is occupied by two contending hosts, —the conflict from which "the Wounded Greek" has retired. He is attended by two women of his nation, and his horse stands near this group. The incident is set forth with good taste, and reads well.

An 1849 print is for sale on Amazon.com and the complete publication is for sale on ebay. Augusta probably copied it from the Illustrated London News shown below. 
The Wounded Greek
1849 Print
Illustrated London News 26 May 1849,  p. 348
The title may have come from a line in Homer's Iliad.
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