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Augusta Ball Hughes

Augusta Ball Hughes
Oil painting by Henry Inman (1801-1846), NY 1839
From a private collection
Images courtesy of the Owner
Provenance, unknown

(Mrs.) A. B. Brown
Approx. 3" x 3"
Image courtesy of Frederick R. Brown III


    Augusta Ball Hughes (1832-1914) and her sister, Georgina Ball Hughes  (1829-1911), were daughters of Robert and Eliza Ball Hughes.  Augusta was born on Feb. 16, 1832 in New York.   She was an amateur artist and entered art contests with her family (See Georgina Ball Hughes).  Augusta married Benjamin Franklin Brown (1828-1908) of Boston in Dorchester, MA on her birthday on Feb. 16, 1852.  They had two sons, Frederick Walter Brown (1855-1935) and George Edward Brown (1857-1933).  Augusta went by the name Augusta Ball Brown in marriage and signed her drawings "A. B. Brown."  B. F. Brown was a successful Boston merchant. The Browns lived in Cambridge, not far from Dorchester where her parents lived in Sunnyside on School St.  Augusta died on May 5, 1914 in Cambridge, MA.  Augusta lived for 82 years, the same as her sister, Georgina.  She is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery in Boston.  This is the same cemetery that is the home of the Nathaniel Bowditch Statue statue by her father, Robert Ball Hughes.

 Additional Views 


Inside of Photo Case


Outside of Photo Case


    The thumbnail image in the header of this page was taken from a companion photograph to the one above.  Both photographs of Augusta were taken in 1852, the year she was married to Benjamin Franklin Brown.  She was 20 years old.


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