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The descendants of Robert and Eliza Ball Hughes are all descendent from their youngest daughter, Augusta Ball (Hughes) Brown (1832-1914), and her husband, Benjamin Franklin Brown (1828-1908), a successful Boston merchant.

    The Ball Hughes had two daughters, Augusta and Georgina.  Georgina never married.  Augusta Ball (A. B.) Brown and B. F. Brown lived in Cambridge, MA about 6 miles from the Ball Hughes family home, Sunnyside, in Dorchester.  They had two sons, Frederick Walter Brown (1855-1935) and George Edward Brown (1857-1933).  George was in banking and real estate and apparently never married.
    There are two main branches of Browns descendent from Augusta Ball (Hughes) Brown and B. F. Brown: Frederick Rudolf Brown (?-1952) and his brother, Henry (Harry) Abbot Brown (1884-1935), sons of Frederick Walter Brown (1855-1935), Ball Hughes grandson.  Henry A. Brown, is David Brown's grandfather.  Frederick moved from Boston to Delaware or New Jersey, I believe. His brother Harry moved to Buffalo, NY.
    Special thanks go to Fred Brown (III), for providing information that was passed down through his side of the family from his grandfather, Frederick Rudolf Brown.
    It appears that the Brown's have always been historians and collectors of historical items.  Ball Hughes grandson, George Edward Brown, researched and compiled the genealogy of the Ball Hughes and Brown families.  It was updated in 1969 by David Brown's uncle, Rudolph (Rudy) H. Brown of Kenmore, NY.
    Ball Hughes other grandson, Frederick Walter Brown, had an extensive memorabilia collection described in an article entitled An Interesting Hobby in the magazine Cape Cod and All the Pilgrim Land, Hyannis, Mass: Cape Cod Publishing Co., June 1921, pp. 17-23.  One item in his collection was a large cut-glass wine goblet used by Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson (1758-1805) on his flag-ship "Victory."  It was given to Mrs. Elizabeth Ball Hughes father, David Wright, an (apparently high-ranking) English army officer at the time, as a souvenir and passed down through the family to Frederick Walter Brown.  The current location is unknown.
    The descendents of Ball Hughes great grandson, Frederick Rudolph Brown, own the portrait of Robert Ball Hughes by John Trumbull and several of Ball Hughes pokerisms including Falstaff Examining the Recruits.
    The descendents of Ball Hughes other great grandson, Henry Abbot Brown, also have several pokerisms, including the First PokerismThe Monk, The Trumpeter, unnamed portrait, and a Daniel Webster and The English Gypsies painting by Mrs. Eliza Ball Hughes, and the Hughes Crest.
    My father, Robert Brown, was an Archivist for the Tonawanda-Kenmore Historical Society in the Town of Tonawanda, NY for many years.  I must have inherited his interest in history and now have volumes of white 3-ring notebooks of my own. My grandfather, Henry A. Brown, was the Historian for the American Legion Post in Kenmore, NY.
David Brown
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