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Cedar Grove Cemetery

Robert Ball Hughes is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery across from his first home in Dorchester, MA on Adams St.

Robert Ball Hughes
Born Jan. 19. 1804.
Died March 5. 1868.
 Photo thanks to Anthony Sammarco

    Eliza describes on pp. 46-47 of the Sketch of the Life of Robert Ball Hughes, by Mrs. E. Ball Hughes, how the funeral at St. Pauls (Episcopal) in Boston was attended by a large number of friends.

He now lives in Cedar Grove under a beautiful monument to his memory by his Son in law - B. F. Brown.

    According to p. 47 of the her journal, the monument was erected to Ball Hughes memory by his son-in-law, B. F. Brown, husband of Augusta Ball Hughes:

    According to Good Old Dorchester by William Dana Orcutt. Cambridge: John Wilson & Son, UP, 1893, p. 380:
"The property opposite his house (now, as before mentioned, used for a cemetery) was a favorite resort for him and his family on pleasant days. One spot in particular was especially admired by Mr. Hughes, and there underneath the shade of the cedar trees, he passed hours of time. By a strange and beautiful coincidence, it is this spot  that the accomplished sculptor and his beloved wife now rest." 
    See Cedar Grove Cemetery for a picture of the view of the Neponset River that the Hughes enjoyed.
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