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Bromfield Hall

    Eliza Ball Hughes mentions her husband’s studio in Bromfield Hall in the fourth installment of the Sketch of the Life of Robert Ball Hughes by Mrs. E. Ball Hughes on pp. 16-17:

“Mr. Hughes had secured a fine studio in Bromfield Street.  The Hall in front of the church – Here was made a very find model of the “Dead Christ” afterwards purchased for the Catholic church in South Boston.  It was grand, and received great praise from all who saw it.

The late D. G W. Blagden, D. Vinton of St. Paul’s church . The Revd. Mr. Rogers of the Central church wrote Mr. Hughes a complimentary letter, stating that such works of art, so impressive so [grand?] were aids to religion.  Mr. Hughes’ studio was a large lofty hall just the place to inspire grand ideas!”

    Bromfield Hall is described as the "rambling studio" of Ball Hughes, on Bromfield St. in Boston.  It's mentioned in In and About Old Bumstead Place by Kate Gannet Wells p. 653, available through Cornell University Making of America.

    John Albee wrote in Henry Dextor - Sculptor - A Memorial, Cambridge: University Press, 1898, p. 49, that when Henry Dexter (1806-1876) arrived in Boston in 1836 (about 4 years before Ball Hughes), "he hired [rented] Bromfield Hall, on the street of the same name, a room sixty by twenty feet that he divided into three portions; one for a studio, another for a chamber, and the third he rented." Dexter stayed there for about 3 years.

    "Bromfield Hall" is etched into the back of The First Pokerism

    There are other references to Ball Hughes exhibiting his work at Bromfield Hall including The Colossal Statue of The Dead Christ.

I need more information about Bromfield Hall.

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